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Did you forget your Gmail password? Know the steps to recover it back

Google is one of the widely used search engine which offers multiple features, tools and services to its users. Gmail is an essential part of Google and is used for mailing important documents or messages from one person to another. It can be used both for commercial or non-commercial uses.

Everyone has a Gmail account, don’t you? From mailing essential business proposals to writing a resignation letter, Gmail is used in everything. Millions of users avail the benefits of Gmail and bring it to use on a daily basis. In order to sign in to your personal Gmail account, you need a Gmail ID and password which will open the account for you. You might forget your Gmail password and may require help from an expert. There are multiple ways to recover it back including mobile number, security questions or email address but the easiest of them is through a registered mobile number. Below are some easy steps through which you can get your Gmail password back, have a look:

  • Go to ‘Google account recovery’ and tap on ‘I don’t know my password’
  • Click on ‘continue’
  • Type your Gmail ID in the box given
  • Click on ‘continue’
  • Enter your registered mobile number to get the verification code and click on continue
  • Enter the code sent by Google to your registered phone number and enter the code shown to change your password successfully
  • If you haven’t linked your mobile number then answer the set of security questions which are linked to your account

Recovering the Gmail password without a number

If your mobile number is not registered with Gmail then you can get it back either by email address or security questions. Here’s how:

By Email:

  • Visit the Google account recovery page
  • Type your Gmail ID
  • Click on ‘submit’ and then on ‘confirm access to my recovery email’
  • Tap on ‘continue’
  • You will get an email address which contains a password
  • Read and follow the instructions given to reset the Gmail password

Security questions:

You can reset your password by answering the security questions if you don’t have an email ID or phone number. Google will ask some questions related to your account which is simple. Therefore it is important to answer them back correctly.

Steps to change your Gmail password

  • Open Google and then Gmail
  • Enter your Gmail ID and password
  • Tap on the sign in
  • Go to the ‘cog’ option in the top right-hand corner and select settings when the page opens
  • Choose ‘general settings’
  • You will see the change Gmail password option
  • Click on ‘account’
  • Choose the ‘change password’ option
  • You will see a new page
  • Enter the existing password and then the new one twice to confirm it
  • Click on ‘Change Password’

These are some easy steps following which you can reset your lost Gmail password quickly. In case you are unable to do so then you can get in touch with our techies who are working at Gmail customer support. You can dial the toll-free number and get reliable support from our Gmail professionals. You can ask any type of common errors from our Gmail experts!