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Facebook Marketplace: a destination to discover, buy and sell items

If you know, Facebook is a popular and regularly used social networking platform to connect with friends which makes it obvious to increase Facebook Marketplace popularity. You just need to create an account/login into Facebook account to connect with people you know. It provides you a medium to share pictures & videos, send messages and get latest updates regularly. Accessibility of Facebook service is quite easier from any device like smartphones, computers, laptops, etc with Internet connectivity. After registering for a Facebook account, you can create a customized profile that reveals your information like name, date of birth, location, etc. People can receive notifications of friends’ activities, use embedded applications and join common-interest groups.

In recent years, people start using Facebook to connect in another way by buying & selling items with each other. This process started in Facebook Groups and now 540 million people visit sell & buy groups every month.

Facebook introduced Marketplace for discovering, buying & selling products with people in your community. The marketplace makes it simple to find out new things and things you’re ready to become a part with. Facebook constantly adds the latest options and features to make its experience best for each & every customer. Facebook integrated new options and features to make this the best experience for people.

Just tap on ‘shop’ icon present at the Facebook application bottom and start exploring products.

Firstly, you need to know How to get Facebook Marketplace. It’s a straightforward process to post something to the FB Marketplace. The steps are Facebook Marketplace:

  1. You will see a new ‘shop’ icon when login into Facebook. FB will alert you if this is the first time seeing it. Click on the icon proceed
  2. Add a title which clearly states what you’re selling. Facebook imposes a limit of 100 characters on the title.
  3. Now, it will ask for adding a description to the item so try to use relevant details as much as possible.
  4. Choose a price for the item which will be displayed in the local currency. You can edit it later.
  5. Then, choose a location for advertising the item and a category from the pre-made Facebook list.
  6. Once you’ve followed all the instructions correctly, FB will set the item active to make it visible to the customers.

Selling on Facebook is easier in the Facebook buy and sell group:

  • In the left menu, click on the Groups from your News Feed.
  • Select the group of buy & sell you would like to sell something in.
  • Click on What are you selling?
  • Enter the item details like price, color, product description, etc., you want to sell.
  • Click on Next.
  • Choose your audience.
  • Click Post.

You should follow the rules while using the Facebook marketplace:

  • Certain items are restricted that can’t be sold on Facebook Marketplace. Facebook maintains an items list to make you aware about all those items.
  • You must sell a physical item on it.
  • Added item description must match the image.
  • Before-and-after posted pictures are prohibited.

Another important question about Facebook Marketplace is that how to discover nearby items for sale. FB Marketplace opens with items pictures which are listed by people nearby you for sale. If you want to find something specific, then search at the top & filter the results by price, location or category. People can browse from available varieties of Household, Electronics and Apparel categories. Tap on the product picture for seeing details such as description, name, the profile picture of the seller and location when you get something interesting from the seller. You can save the product to find it in the future.

If you’re interested in the product and make an offer, then send a direct message to the Seller from Marketplace. Both of you can work out the details for the further buying or selling process.

In the case of Facebook Marketplace not working, you could have the issue of cache or temporary data. Try to clear cache and temporary data. To do this, go to the web browser’s preferences or settings. We suggest you use browser version and operating specific instructions.

Use of third-party extensions will restrict in solving this issue. So, disable the add-ons prior to access the site again. You can prefer a different web browser to use or access Facebook Marketplace.

Still, if you’re stuck in Marketplace isn’t working correctly issue, then:

  • Login into Facebook on a system.
  • In the top-right Facebook page corner, click on the question mark.
  • Select Report a Problem.
  • Lastly, follow the on-screen instructions.

You can get the help of dedicated & experienced professionals on several other issues like:

  • How to remove something posted on the timeline?
  • Timeline isn’t loading.
  • How to see the videos of an old profile on Facebook?
  • How to add featured pictures to the Facebook profile?
  • Can people know that I’ve checked their profile?
  • Can anyone see private messages on the timeline?
  • Unable to change privacy settings on the individual post.
  • How to edit basic information on the profile?
  • Can we choose who can see the basic profile information?

If you’ve any other question in your mind regarding Facebook Marketplace, ask experts. They will guide step by step to get rid of difficult situations with excellent knowledge and sophisticated technology implications. You will get solutions to errors in the real-time without any delay.

Now, its time to know about what’s the feedback we have got from customers:

  • Retailers will get brand and products into the Facebook Marketplace
  • Prompt response from experts whenever we try to contact for taking help
  • 24*7 hours, 365 days availability
  • No listing fees
  • Extended Reach
  • Provides surface to the products relevant to the consumers
  • Help business to find & reach the right customers in fewer efforts
  • Take help for minor or major marketplace issues at any time, anywhere from experts as per convenience mode